A rewriting of the only non-danger

What is most dangerous about verses?
the most dangerous about verses is ink in paper,
something like: acrylic on canvas, finger on skin.
a whole world can be transposed in paper, transformed
from a vague cloud to a verbal clout in paper
still, darling of the universe and poets and penwomen
whose fervency lies at the potency of paper and pen,
the world is not a sheaf of paper, however thick, however unbreakable
the world is rock and grass and wood and streets and smelly rooms or cozy offices
the world is first, the word is second.
or sometimes vice versa.
provisionality is everything. wittgenstien was partly wrong.
marx was not entirely right
hegel coined the dialectics. but he does not own it.
nietzsche’s statement on god was eventually his own faith —
ultimately, where all of us could agree