On perfect cattiness

I thrive on contradictions and red and i am to fill this with more soon. i want poetic sensibility and warm coffees during 4ams. And rains in summer and your sometimes sweaty palms. I read freire and marx and lacan and saramago and chaplin and people’s faces and behaviors and the way norah jones ‘s eyes smile with her piano.

i love long sentences and ambiguities and pretensions. language is my game. i do not know my rules.


6 thoughts on “On perfect cattiness

  1. hey, thanks for dropping by. i was looking into your blog and can’t be modest about my impressions. you write well, too! and on “marxist readers” making “good poets,” I haven’t thought of that actually, because I tend to see more of the slogans and the often pretentious progressiveness from marxist readers i know. or perhaps i do not yet know a lot of them. but to put marx in poetry, perhaps that would leave us in fatal admiration. 🙂


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